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Welcome to Art by Milda Spinder

Milda Spindler is an artist located in Metairie, Louisiana. She has her work in galleries in The New Orleans area as well as the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Please review her Biographical information.

Her work has received high accolades and you can view some samples in the section titled "Her Art."  She currently specializes in etchings and relief prints.   A detailed description of the printing processes she uses can be found by following the provided link.

Milda's etchings are collected by many.  She has a very large following of art enthusiasts who pre buy many of her editions.  Her etchings are also ideal for the discriminating gift giver.

"Creating art is an expression of the soul. When you view my art we are meeting in a special place.  It is a place of balance between my creation and your appreciation.  Let us begin the journey."

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